Requiring Server Passwords

Access to the RLM web browser interface can be controlled by including a password file named in the same folder where the rlm executable is located (normally, this is the Vectorworks Site Protection Server folder). When this file is present, user names and passwords are required for various tasks.

Password setup in the password file consists of the user name, followed by the password, and then the permitted privilege, separated by colons. If there is more than one permitted privilege, separate each by a comma.

username:password:remove, edit_options

Set up the password file with empty passwords to allow individual users to change them later in the web browser interface. For example:

lauren::shutdown, remove

Assignable privileges are listed in the table below.



Enables all of the privileges


Does not apply to this software


Allows ISV options to be set


Allows editing of license files and rlm server option files


Does not apply to this software


Enables the various log file functions for the Report log and Debug log (creating new log files, switching log files)


Permits removal of a license from a client who is running the Vectorworks program, shutting the client down


Allows license files to be reread/reloaded


Allows license servers to be shut down


Permits the display of status and Debug log information about licenses

In addition to assigning privileges to individual users in the password file, you can specify groups, machines, and IP addresses in the RLM options file and then apply the privileges listed in this table to those groups. For example:

EXCLUDE shutdown group architects

For more information, see Controlling RLM Options.


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