Controlling RLM Options

The RLM server handles the core functions of license management while the ISV server manages specifics about the Vectorworks program licenses. The section on Specifying Server Options details how to create groups of users, computers, and IP addresses for assigning Vectorworks-specific ISV privileges. This section provides similar instructions on assigning privileges to groups through the RLM options.

The privileges that can be assigned or restricted are defined in Requiring Server Passwords.

To specify and edit the privileges assigned to users or groups:

  1. From the main Server Administration screen, click Status.

  2. The server status pane displays.

  3. Click EDIT rlm Options.

  4. The Edit RLM Options screen opens.

  5. Using the syntax described in Server Syntax, specify or edit the rlm options.

  6. In the syntax and examples, user, host, internet, group, host_group, and internet_group can be specified interchangeably when setting up permissions for a client or groups of clients.



    Does not allow any privileges for specific clients

    EXCLUDEALL group group_name

    Example: EXCLUDEALL group interns 


    Restricts the specified privilege for a client

    EXCLUDE privilege user name

    Example: EXCLUDE remove name sam 


    Allows the use of all privileges for specific clients

    INCLUDEALL host_group group_name

    Example: INCLUDEALL status host_group IT 


    Specifies privileges for a client

    INCLUDE privilege internet IPaddress

    Example: INCLUDE shutdown Internet 

  7. Click Update Options.

The options are saved in the rlm.opt file, which is located in the same network license folder as the RLM software.


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