Shutting Down the Vectorworks Site Protection Server

The RLM server and the ISV server are shut down separately, by different methods.

The ISV server is usually the only server that needs to be shut down and restarted. If a complete shutdown is necessary due to a problem, first shut down the ISV server, and then shut down the RLM server.

Vectorworks clients automatically connect to the server to verify the connection at fixed intervals (every ten seconds). If the server is not running, clients are alerted that the connection has failed. All open files are saved and then the Vectorworks product shuts down automatically. Modules or licenses that are currently borrowed are not affected, even if the ISV server shuts down. However, when the ISV server is not running, a license cannot be returned before the end of the borrowing time period.


Shutting Down the ISV server

Shutting Down the RLM server