Updating Custom Workspaces and Plug-in Objects

When a Vectorworks product update is installed, the workspaces and plug-in objects in the Vectorworks root folder (where the application is installed) are replaced.

Your custom workspaces and plug-ins (in your user folder) remain in place; see Vectorworks Preferences: User Folders Tab for details about user folders. The first time the updated version of the Vectorworks program is opened, it automatically converts the custom workspaces to the new format and saves a copy of the original workspaces in a Legacy Workspaces folder (in your user folder).

The Vectorworks updater programs makes backup copies of all workspaces. The updater places backup copies of workspaces in a sequentially numbered folder entitled Backup, within the Workspaces folder. Each time the updater is run, another Backup folder is created. After the backup, both the installer and the updater overwrite the workspaces at the top level of the Workspaces folder.

For more information about where plug-in objects may be located, see Plug-in File Location.


Customizing Workspaces

Vectorworks Migration Manager

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