Launching Vectorworks on a Client Machine

When you launch the Vectorworks program, it communicates with the Vectorworks Site Protection Server software. You need to have a network connection to the server machine, and the server machine must be running the server software.

Once you have borrowed a software license, you don't need a network connection (when borrowing is permitted).

Launching the Vectorworks Program

  1. Launch the Vectorworks program.

  2. The Login Settings dialog box opens. The server connection options may have been set by your system administrator; these should not be changed.

  3. From the Modules list, select the module you want to launch.

  4. Depending on the license, certain modules may not be available. Multiple modules cannot be selected. Third-party options may be regionally available.

    Once you have selected a module and logged in, you cannot change to a different module until you shut down the Vectorworks program and log in again.

    The workspaces available when Vectorworks is running depend on the selected module.

  5. Click Login. When the Vectorworks application successfully connects to the server machine, and the Vectorworks Site Protection Server approves it, the Vectorworks program launches.

If the license cannot be obtained, an alert opens, showing the name of the module(s).

When the Vectorworks application is running, click Login Settings from the Session tab of the Vectorworks Preferences dialog box to access the Login Settings dialog box; click Connection to view the currently connected server IP address and port number. If the Don't show at startup option was set and you want to change it, you can re-enable the display at startup.

Site Protection Servers

The Servers dialog box lists the servers that can be connected. Server connections are normally established by a system administrator.

Available servers and port numbers are listed in connection order. If the primary server is down, or doesn’t permit a module to be checked out, the next server in the list is accessed.

To manage the site protection servers:

  1. From the Login Settings dialog box, click Servers.

  2. The Servers dialog box opens.

  3. Click OK to return to the Login Settings dialog box.

The amount of time spent checking for servers on the network can be edited in the LoginDialog.xml file in the <AutoFindMaxTime> parameter. The default is 1 second.

Connection Errors

The Vectorworks program periodically communicates with the Vectorworks Site Protection Server (unless a license is borrowed). The connection is verified at a fixed interval of ten seconds.

If the connection to the server is lost due to a temporary network problem, an alert opens. Click Retry, and try to reconnect. If the connection is successful, you can continue working. If the connection is still unsuccessful, click Save and Quit. All unsaved work files are saved, and the Vectorworks program closes.

Determine the cause of unexpected connection issues or contact your system administrator for help in restarting the server connection. The administrator can verify the operating status of the Vectorworks Site Protection Server.


Borrowing and Returning a Vectorworks License

Error Messages


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