Grid Snapping

The snap and reference grids assist with precise drawing on both design and sheet layers, as described in Snap and Reference Grids.

When snap to grid is on, the SmartCursor snaps to set points on the snap grid. For example, if the grid is set to 1”, as the cursor moves over the grid, it automatically “catches” every inch. When you create a line (if no other snapping is active) the line’s first and last point will lie on the snap grid. Snap to grid is the only type of snapping that does not provide any sort of visual cues. If snap to grid is on, the cursor is always on the grid, unless other snaps are also selected which override snap to grid.


When snap to grid is on, the working plane displays with “dots.” The dots do not display for working planes when snap to grid is off. See Appearance of the Planes.


To set grid snapping:

  1. Select Tools > SmartCursor Settings, or double-click the Snap to Grid tool in the Snapping palette.

  2. The SmartCursor Settings dialog box opens. From the Grid tab, specify the snap and reference grid settings.

  3. Click OK.

  4. To activate snapping to the snap grid, click the Snap to Grid tool from the Snapping palette.


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