Land00083.pngConfiguring and Saving Tag/Labels

The default labels are associated with parameters that might typically be displayed for the various drawing objects. However, each label can be individually configured to display custom information. The custom label parameter configuration can then be saved in the drawing in the symbol definition; one symbol can be used to label different objects. The symbol definition can be edited to add labels, change the position of the labels, size of the text, and appearance, position, and size of the label design elements.

To configure and save a tag/label:

  1. Select the tag/label object.

  2. From the Object Info palette, click Edit Tag/Label.

  3. The Tag/Label Edit dialog box opens.

  4. Once you have set up the display for the selected tag/label symbol, click Save As Default to be able to reuse the symbol data assignment for other drawing objects. The tag/label is saved as a symbol definition and displays in the Resource Manager, where its layout can be edited if necessary, and it can be shared with other files.

  5. Click OK.

The label information updates automatically.


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