Saving a File

To save a file:

To save the current file, select File > Save.

To save the file with a different name, select File > Save As.

To save a copy of the file and continue to edit the original file, select File > Save A Copy As.

To save the file as a template for future files, see Creating Templates.

Automatically Saving Files

The autosave feature automatically saves the current file after either a specified number of minutes or a specified number of operations, as defined in the Autosave tab of the Vectorworks Preferences dialog box. See Vectorworks Preferences: Autosave Tab for more information.

If the Confirm before save preference is selected, a confirmation dialog box opens before the autosave is performed. The information that displays in this dialog box depends on the settings selected in Vectorworks preferences.

When the save is complete, the message Autosave complete displays in the lower right corner of the window; the message clears when you click the mouse.


Reverting to the Last Saved Version

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