Arch00014.pngEditing Structural Members

Edit the path of selected structural members by using the Reshape tool, or right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on the member and select Edit from the context menu. See Reshaping Objects for information on using the Reshape tool for editing. Use the Rotate Tool to rotate the path of the object. Associations among structural members can be affected by the use of these tools.

Many, but not all, parameters can be edited for selected structural member objects after placement, in the Object Info palette. To edit parameters that are not in the Object Info palette, click Settings to open the Structural Member Settings dialog box.

You can enable the option to Use Layer Cut Plane Elevation. When selected, and the design layer cut plane is enabled, the elevation of the structural member cut plane is set to the same value as that of the design layer, ensuring a uniform cut plane appearance for the layer.

When the design layer cut plane is disabled, specify a Cut Plane Elevation for the structural member.

Structural members that are associated using Auto Join Members mode move and change length as necessary to maintain the association. However, if the structural member is moved so that associations are no longer reasonable, the association is broken, and the start or end conditions of the member change to custom.


Creating Structural Members

Structural Member Settings

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