ArchLand.pngEntering Georeferencing Information for the Document

Georeferencing options are complex; what works for architectural workflows may not be suitable for GIS workflows. Different regions of the Earth have different geographical requirements.

Since the earth is not a perfect sphere, it is not a straightforward process to project a map onto the earth’s surface, or transfer an object onto the surface. Projections are mathematical formulas that translate the shape of the earth onto a 2D page. Because the translation loses data, different projections represent the longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates of the non-uniform sphere on the page.

When georeferencing is enabled, each design layer stores information that describes the mapping of that layer’s Cartesian coordinate system onto a geographic coordinate system of latitude and longitude. The origin offset determines how the projection relates to the internal origin (the center of the drawing in the Vectorworks file); this offset can be turned off at the document level or at the layer level for GIS workflows.

If all or most design layers will have the same georeferencing information, use the Georeferencing command to set the parameters for the document. After the default document georeferencing is set, edit each design layer to enable georeferencing, and to customize the settings for individual layers, if needed.

Layers without georeferencing will be assumed to be in the Equirectangular projection, which maps latitude and longitude directly onto the X-Y axis. The origin will represent 0°, 0°, and the scale will be equal to that of the Earth’s scale of latitude and longitude at the Equator. Some georeferencing tools do not work properly on design layers that are not georeferenced.

To set georeferencing for a document:

  1. Select File > Document Settings > Georeferencing.

  2. The Document Georeferencing dialog box opens.

  3. Click OK to save the georeferencing settings.

  4. Enable georeferencing for each design layer that requires it, as described in Entering Georeferencing Information for a Design Layer.


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