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If the current design layer is georeferenced, there is an option to export a worldfile along with a georeferenced raster image file of the Vectorworks drawing. A world file, which is used to convert the image coordinates to real-world coordinates, must have the same name as the associated image file and an extension of .bpw, .jgw, .pgw, .tfw, .gfw, or .wld.

To export a georeferenced image and world file:

1.      Select the command.

2.      The Export Image File dialog box opens. Select the export options as described in Exporting an image file, and select the Export Georeferencing File parameter.

3.      Click Save, and then name and save the image file. Along with the image file, the Vectorworks program exports a worldfile that describes the exported image‚Äôs location, scale, and rotation in the geographic coordinate system. If multiple georeferenced layers are visible, the worldfile will be based on the active layer.


Exporting an image file

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