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The Vectorworks Architect and Landmark products can import files in shapefile (.shp) format. Each GIS feature from the shapefile is converted to a Vectorworks object. In turn, each of these objects receives a corresponding data record, which is converted from the shapefile’s database file.

At import, the goal is to set a coordinate system for the document and use the same coordinate system for all georeferenced layers. Therefore, a shapefile must be imported into a new layer, into a document with georeferencing. If document georeferencing has not yet been specified, it is automatically enabled for both the document and the shapefile import layer.

The coordinate system for the shapefile’s imported geometry is defined in a .prj file which is included with the shapefile. The geometry can either be projected to conform to the document’s (or, if defined, the layer’s) coordinate system, or the shapefile’s coordinate system can be used for the new layer (and the document itself). Normally, the second option should only be used when importing the first shapefile into a new Vectorworks file; this is a convenient way of automatically specifying a coordinate system for the file, and enabling georeferencing for the new layer. Subsequent imports should use the first option, ensuring that a consistent coordinate system is used for all of the georeferenced layers in the file.

To import a shapefile and select conversion options:

1.      Select the command, and then select the shapefile to import.

Alternatively, click the file to import and drag it into an open Vectorworks file.

2.      Vectorworks detects the coordinate system for the imported GIS features from the projection (.prj) file, when one is located in the same folder as the shapefile. If no projection file is found, the shapefile cannot be imported.

The Import Shapefile dialog box opens. Specify the file import options.


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