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When you import a raster image file with an associated world file (in the .bpw, .jgw, .pgw, .tfw, .gfw, or .wld formats), Vectorworks automatically uses the companion world file to import the image as a georeferenced image.

ECW, GeoTIFF, and JP2 (JPEG 2000) files, which can also be imported for GIS/georeferencing purposes, store georeference information within the file rather than in a separate world file.

To import a georeferenced image:

1.      Select File > Document Settings > Units and set the document units to match the units of the image to be imported. For example, if the image‚Äôs units are meters, set the Vectorworks document units to meters.

2.      Select the command and then the image file for import.

If a world file is associated with the image file, the image is automatically imported, translated, and scaled according to the document units you set in Step 1. The current view changes to Fit to Objects, so the imported image is visible.

To import an image without its associated world file scaling and translation, either rename the associated world file, or move it to a different folder.

If the scale is incorrect after import, the document units setting might be wrong. Change the setting and import the file again.


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