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Shadow angles can be calculated and displayed for up to four walls of a model. These calculations are useful for designing or positioning shading devices, such as awnings and overhangs.

Shadow angles are always calculated relative to a wall and not to true North.

To calculate shadow angles:

1.      Name the wall or walls that will participate in the calculations by selecting each wall, and then clicking on the Data tab of the Object Info palette. Enter a Name for the wall to identify it.

2.      Insert at least one heliodon object as described in Inserting a heliodon object.

3.      Select the heliodon. In the Object Info palette, select Show Shadow Angle Calculator.

4.      Specify the No. of Walls to display shadow angle calculation values. Up to four walls can be specified.

5.      In Wall Face, specify which side of the walls, left or right, is the external side.

By default, the wall direction as it was drawn determines which side of the wall is considered the outside and which is the inside. See Wall direction.

6.      Enter the exact Name of each wall.

When the wall name is recognized, its Horizontal Shadow Angle (HSA) and Vertical Shadow Angle (VSA) calculated values are displayed in the Object Info palette. If a wall is always in shadow, the text No sun on wall displays in the Object Info palette.



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