DesignSeries02407.pngEditing wall styles

To edit a wall style:

From the Resource Manager, right-click on the resource, and select Edit from the context menu.

Alternatively, select Edit Style from the Style menu of the Object Info palette, or right-click on the wall and select Edit Wall Style from the context menu.

The Edit Wall Style dialog box opens.

Edit the wall and component parameters as described in Standard wall preferences or Curtain wall preferences.

If you enter a new wall style Name, it replaces the selected wall style name (similar to selecting Rename from the Resources menu).

If walls with that style already exist in the drawing, the Wall Replacement dialog box opens.

The wall style to apply cannot be selected (the edited style is applied). Select the wall alignment properties (see Replacing wall styles from the Object Info Palette).

The changes are applied to any existing walls in the drawing with the edited wall style, and will be used for any subsequent walls created with that wall style.

Applying wall styles

Deleting and/or replacing wall styles from the Resource Manager

Replacing wall styles from the Object Info Palette


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