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The layout room is an optional 2D container for equipment racks. 2D racks placed within the boundary of the room will inherit the Room ID parameter as a read-only parameter denoting location.

To create a layout room, either use the Layout Room tool, or create a closed 2D shape and then select the Create Objects from Shapes command (see Creating objects from shapes).

To create a layout room:

Ensure that the current design layer is Rack Elevation.

Click the tool and select a drawing mode.

Do one of the following:

In Rectangle mode, draw the rectangular room shape, similar to drawing a rectangle in Corner to Corner mode.

In Polygon mode, draw a closed polygon shape. 

Place polygonal layout rooms on architectural floor plans to define the location of non-rack equipment.

In the Object Info palette, provide the Room ID.

Edit the layout room by double-clicking on it and using the Reshape tool.

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