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The Seating Section tool uses table and chair symbols that are available from the default content. It’s also possible to make your own table, chair, and nested table and chair symbols for use with this feature (see Customizing seating symbols).

Symbol characteristics

Symbols should be hybrid (2D/3D) so that they display properly in both 2D and 3D views. At a minimum, the symbol must contain a 2D representation.

Create the 2D view of the symbol using as few polygons and lines as possible. If possible, use a single polyline rather than individual line segments. The line weight of the symbol is also a consideration; the symbols need to stand out when printed. The outer perimeter of the symbol should have a line weight of at least 1/2 point (7 mils). Interior details should use a lighter line weight. The 2D representation should have a solid fill so that it obscures information under the symbol.

Keep the 3D symbol simple. It should be solid. The model should be accurately sized, but without minute details. These items can add significantly to the rendering time required, and are not necessary to distinguish among objects.

To create a table and chair symbol, create the chair and table symbols separately, and then create a symbol from the table and chair symbols, so that the table and chair symbols are nested symbols.

Attaching the Event Planning Record to seating symbols

Attach the Event Planning Record to the symbol definition, with the Type field indicating whether the symbol is a table or chair. This allows the Seating Count worksheet to accurately count tables and chairs.

To attach the event planning record:

From the Resource Manager, select Vectorworks Libraries\Defaults\Event Planning\Seating\Seating.vwx. Drag the Event Planning Record to the active file to import it.

From the Resource Manager, right-click the symbol definition, and select Attach Record from the context menu.

The Attach Record dialog box opens.

Click the Attach column next to the Event Planning Record.

Select the Event Planning Record and click Edit Values. In the Type field, enter “Table” or “Chair.”

Creating seating sections


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