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Each edge of a slab can be given an offset independent of the other edges. This allows not only for the difference between auto-bounded and manual edges of the same slab, but also structural differences such as the slab’s offset for an interior versus exterior wall.

To set edge offsets:

Select a single slab to edit.

In the Object Info palette, click Edge Offsets.

The drawing view is adjusted to fit the bounds of the selected slab, and the Edge Offsets dialog box opens. The slab’s edges are listed according to automatically assigned numbers, and the current bounding mode of each edge is indicated. Edge 1 is selected by default, and is highlighted in the dialog box and in the drawing.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Slab Edges

Select one or more slab edges to set the offset; as edges are selected, they are highlighted in the drawing

Slab Components

Select one or more components to set the offset

Edge Ref

For automatically bounded slab edges, sets the selected slab component’s edge relative to the wall’s core component. When the selected edges have different settings, the field displays blank.

Edge Offset

Specifies the offset of the selected components from the edge of the slab. When the selected edges have different settings, the field displays blank.

Set the parameters.

The drawing returns to the view before Edge Offsets was clicked.

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