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To work in a broad variety of construction situations, slabs allow each edge to be either bounded by a wall or with edges that are considered “manual.” If a slab is split, the existing bounded wall associations are maintained for edges that abut a wall, and the newly split edges are manual. Each slab edge can be given a unique component edge offset, as needed.

To create a slab that is automatically bounded to existing walls on some edges and manual on others:

Click the tool and mode.

Do one of the following:

Click Slab Style on the Tool bar to select a resource from the Resource Selector.

Click Preferences to open the Slab Preferences dialog box and specify the tool’s default parameters. See Slab preferences.

The parameters can be edited later from the Object Info palette.

Click each wall that forms the wall set and press Enter, or click the check mark button on the Tool bar.

Manual edges are automatically created as needed to complete the slab’s geometry.



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