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Unstyled slabs can be created; in a new file, the default unstyled slab includes a single component. The attributes of an unstyled slab can be changed from the Attributes palette. The use of slab styles, however, facilitates drawing slabs by saving the slab preference settings so they can be easily applied to other slabs. Slab styles are resources that can be imported into other files and shared as office standards. Slab styles, textures, and hatches are provided in library files (a selected slab style and associated resources are automatically imported into the current file, and display in the Resource Manager). Setting and saving the dynamic height information of a slab in its slab style is a convenient way of automatically setting the defined height condition when using slabs with stories.

Unused slab styles can be purged; see Purging items from a file.

Concept: Resource libraries

Creating slab styles

Editing slab styles

Applying slab styles

Deleting and/or replacing slab styles from the Resource Manager

Replacing slab styles from the Object Info palette

Slab preferences

Creating slabs

Setting up the building structure with stories


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