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Set the bridle preferences prior to inserting bridles in the drawing. Applying one of the Default Bridle Parameters ensures that all subsequently placed bridles have at least one dimension in common, to facilitate planning and assembly. Specify the default dimensions and parts, and whether to insert data tags automatically. Optionally, enable the use of structural members as house rigging points.

The diagram indicates where the parameters are located.


To set the bridle preferences:

Select the command.

The Bridle Preferences dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Default Bridle Parameters

Select the default property that determines how bridles are created

Bridle leg angle

Creates bridles with the specified leg angle

Bridle leg length

Creates bridles with at least one leg of the specified length

Bridle down leg length

Creates bridles with the specified down leg length

Apex height

Creates bridles with the specified apex height

Bridle part

Creates bridles with one leg using only the selected part

General Settings


Min. Bridle Leg Angle

Specify the minimum angle between the bridle leg and the horizontal plane

Max. Bridle Leg Length

Specify the maximum leg length

Use structural member as house rigging point

Enables bridle objects created in Auto Insertion mode to snap to structural members

Default Parts


Default Shackle

Select the default shackle

Default STAC Chain

Select the default STAC Chain

Use shackles instead of STAC chain

Uses shackles instead of STAC Chain in bridle assemblies

STAC chain on top of a leg

Inserts STAC Chain at the top of the bridle leg. If this option is deselected, the STAC Chain is inserted at the bottom of the leg.

Data Tags


Insert data tag for bridle

Inserts a data tag on the insertion point when a bridle is inserted; select the data tag style from the Resource Selector

Insert data tag for leg

Inserts a data tag on the leg center when a bridle is inserted; select the data tag style from the Resource Selector

Save as default

Saves the current settings in the dialog box as the default for this and future documents. If deselected, the current settings are saved only for the active file.

Specify the default settings for bridle objects.

Managing bridle parts

Inserting bridles

Bridle properties

Adjusting the bridle configuration

Creating structural members

Adding data tags and labels


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