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Create Bridle Report

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The Create Bridle Report command adds a bridle parts worksheet to the drawing. Specify which bridles to include in the worksheet and, optionally, sort the data by layer or class. For more information about worksheets, see Concept: Worksheet overview.

To create a bridle report:

Select the command.

The Create Bridle Report dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Specifies which bridle objects are included in the worksheet

All Objects

Includes information for all bridles in the drawing

Selected Objects

Includes information for selected bridles

Visible Objects

Includes information for visible bridles

Group by

For organizational purposes, adds a Layer or Class column to the worksheet


Groups the bridle data by layer


Groups the bridle data by class

Select the worksheet criteria.

A Bridle Parts List worksheet is inserted in the drawing.

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