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Manage Bridle Parts

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The Manage Bridle Parts dialog box provides information about the bridle inventory. Select which parts can be used in the drawing, and edit their properties if needed.

To view and manage the bridle inventory:

Select the command.

The Manage Bridle Parts dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Bridle Parts List

Displays the properties of the bridle parts


Select which bridle parts can be used in the drawing. A check mark indicates that the part is available for use. Click in the Use column to add or remove the check mark.


Indicates how many of that bridle part are present in the drawing


Displays the bridle part name

Short name

Displays the shortened bridle part name, for use in bridle assembly diagrams


Displays the name of the bridle part symbol


Displays the length of the bridle part

Delta Length

For STAC Chain, displays the length of a single chain link; the chain length can be adjusted by intervals of this amount.

Minimum Length

For STAC Chains, displays the minimum length

Maximum Length

For STAC Chains, displays the maximum length

Allowable Force

Displays the maximum force that can be applied to the bridle part


Displays the type of the bridle part

Filter Text

Enter text to filter the list by name

Filter Type

Filters the parts list by the selected part types. Select the check boxes to toggle the selections, or select All to display all part types.


Displays the symbol of the bridle part selected from the list


Opens the Columns dialog box, to toggle the display of columns in the bridle parts list


Traverses the symbols in the Stock Bridle Material folder, updating the bridle parts list

Advanced users can edit, add, or remove items from the bridle parts list. Edit the symbols in the Stock Bridle Material folder in the [User]\Libraries\Defaults folder. Click Update in the Manage Bridle Parts dialog box to refresh the bridle parts list.

To edit the properties of an item in the bridle parts list, double-click on the row item. The Edit Bridle Part dialog box opens. The available properties depend on the bridle part. Edit the properties as needed, and click OK.

Be cautious when editing the Length of a bridle part that is currently used in the drawing; existing bridles may become invalid.

Click OK to update the bridle inventory, as well as the drawing, with any changes from the bridle parts list.

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