SpotlightCreating a lighting device from an existing symbol

The Spotlight program provides thousands of lighting symbols; however, it is not necessary to use only these pre-defined symbols. In addition to creating your own lighting device symbols, you can convert any symbol into a lighting device or create a plug-in object from a lighting device with the desired parameters already specified.

Converting a symbol to a lighting device



Convert to Lighting Device

Spotlight > Object Conversion

The Convert to Lighting Device command turns an existing custom symbol instance into a lighting device. For example, convert a custom set piece to a lighting device so it can emit light in the scene. Once the symbol is converted, the lighting device parameters are available. Without the Light Info Record attached, the device lacks the advanced capabilities of a lighting device symbol, but it has the lighting functionality.

See Workflow: Creating lighting device symbol definitions for more information on creating lighting device symbols and attaching the Light Info Record.

To create a lighting device:

Select the symbol to convert.

If you are converting custom geometry, you must create a symbol from it first. Select the geometry, and select Modify > Create Symbol. Symbols can have a separate 2D and 3D representation; the lighting device object automatically uses the appropriate portion of the symbol. At a minimum, the symbol must have a 2D component; it also requires a 3D component to display correctly in 3D views. See Creating symbol definitions for more information.

Select the command.

The selected symbol is converted into a lighting device that remains inserted in the drawing. The active label legend, if any, is applied; see Label Legend Manager for more information. The device properties can be changed from the Object Info palette; some of the device parameters may need to be entered.

Creating a lighting device symbol with predefined parameters

Any lighting device that was inserted from a library or converted from a symbol can be saved as a red symbol (see Concept: Vectorworks symbols for a description of red symbols). The red symbol retains the parameters of the original lighting device—except for the Position parameter; the new symbol’s hanging position is determined by its placement on the light plot. Select Auto position loads when created on the Spotlight preferences: Loads and Rigging pane to enable automatic attachment to a rigging object.

To create a lighting device symbol with pre-defined parameters:

Select a current lighting device and ensure that all its parameters have been specified.

In the Object Info palette, delete the current Position if this hanging position is document-specific. Set the Z height of the device to 0.

Select Modify > Create Symbol.

The Create Symbol dialog box opens. See Creating symbol definitions for an explanation of the parameters.

Select Convert to Plug-in Object, and click OK.

If you deselect this option and create a standard symbol instead, the lighting device functionality will not be present.

If the Select Folder dialog box opens, specify the location of the symbol.

The lighting symbol displays in the Resource Manager and Resource Selector as a red symbol. When the symbol is inserted, it functions as a plug-in object with the saved parameters already defined.

Inserting lighting devices

Editing lighting devices

Spotlight preferences setup

Workflow: Creating lighting device symbol definitions


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