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Find and Modify


Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M (Windows)

Cmd+Shift+Option+M (Mac)

Custom selection criteria can be defined to quickly and easily search for lighting devices and accessories and to perform an action upon the search results.

To find and modify devices:

Select the command.

The Find and Modify dialog box opens.

Specify the search criteria and the action to perform on the found items.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




See Using saved sets to save and apply saved settings


Select which settings to save:

Criteria and Action: Saves the Find and Modify settings

Criteria: Saves the Find settings

Action: Saves the Modify settings


Specify the type of devices to search for and the criteria for the search. For example, find all lighting devices with a circuit number of 66. The list of values is filtered as the criteria are defined.

Device Type

Select the device


Select the search criteria type (left list), the operator (middle list), and the value (right list).

If only one device is selected, the criteria value displays an additional option, Current Selection. When this option is selected, the value of the currently selected device is used. For example, if Class = Current Selection, the dialog box searches for devices with the same class as the currently selected device.

If a saved set uses the Current Selection option, the criteria value depends on the number of currently selected devices. If only one device is selected, the Current Selection option is available from the list. If multiple devices are selected, the Current Selection option is not available, and the first value in the list is used instead.

To define custom values, select Custom (in the right list) to display the Custom Value dialog box.

To find specific values, place a comma between each value.

To find a range of values, place a hyphen (-) between the beginning and ending values.

To find a combination of specific values and a range of values, place a comma and a hyphen in the search values; for example: 1,5-10.


 Specify the action to perform on the found items


Select the action to perform on the found lighting devices.

Change Value: Select a Field and specify a new Value. For example, lighting devices on a particular circuit can be changed to another circuit.

Swap Values: Exchange the values of the fields selected in the Swap Fields lists.

Copy Value: Copy a value from the field selected in the Copy list to the field selected in the To list. For example, copy the circuit number to the dimmer number or the dimmer number to the channel number.

Move Value: Move a value from the field selected in the Move list to the field selected in the To list, and set the value in the Move list to the default value.

Renumber Field: Change the numbering values for a specified item. Select a Field and the numbering Direction, and then enter the Starting Value. For example, change the numbering for all PAR lighting devices on Electric #2 to increment from left to right beginning with #2.

Replace Symbol: Select a new Symbol for the found items. For example, find all lighting devices with a particular purpose, and change them to use the same symbol.

Change Class: Select a new Class for the found items.

Assign Label Legend: Select a new Label Legend for the found items.

Add to Current Selection: Add the found items to the current selection of items.

Replace Current Selection: Replace the current selection of items with the items matching the search criteria.

Delete: Delete the found items.

Click Apply to change the settings without closing the dialog box.

Apply is disabled to indicate that there are no more pending changes. If you find and modify other devices, Apply is enabled again.

Do one of the following:

Click OK to accept all previously applied changes and to close the dialog box.

Click Cancel to discard all previously applied changes and pending changes, and to close the dialog box.


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