SpotlightAdding lighting devices

Lighting devices can be inserted from the thousands of symbols provided in symbol libraries or from custom symbols. You can also convert existing symbols into lighting devices.

Use the Lighting Device tool to select a lighting device object and place it on the light plot. This method is described in Inserting lighting devices.

Vectorworks Service Select benefits allow you to request a specific lighting device be added to the Vectorworks library. This content will be provided on an ongoing basis between regular library updates, as resources and information are available. Please log in to the Support page of the Vectorworks customer portal and click Fixture Request Form for details. 

Create your own lighting device symbol definitions, to insert custom devices with the Lighting Device tool.

The lighting device symbols from the Vectorworks libraries already contain the required manufacturer values and other information. When creating or using your own symbols in the Spotlight program, consult the Workflow: Creating lighting device symbol definitions.

Convert custom geometry to a lighting device, as described in Converting a symbol to a lighting device.

Save a lighting device with specific parameters as a red symbol (a preformatted resource); see Creating a lighting device symbol with predefined parameters.

Creating a lighting device from an existing symbol

Inserting lighting devices


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