Marionette object properties

Marionette objects (also known as object nodes) can be edited from the Object Info palette. The  object's custom parameters, which are set by instance, can be edited directly from the Object Info palette; the parameters that are set by style display for information purposes but cannot be edited. The Marionette object's style and script can also be accessed. 

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Replace, remove, or edit the current style, or create a new Marionette object style for this object; see Changing plug-in object styles from the Object Info palette or Standard plug-in object styles without catalog options.

Editing a style changes all instances in the file that use the style.

Hide style parameters

Hides the parameters that are set by style and by catalog; these cannot be edited from the Object Info palette


Displays the name of the object's wrapper node


For objects that depend on other values in the file, such as worksheets or list data, updates an object with changed underlying data


For unstyled object, opens the Marionette script to edit; styled Marionette objects can be edited only from the Plug-in Object Style dialog box


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