Duplicating objects along a path



Duplicate Along Path


The Duplicate Along Path command creates and places several copies of an object or objects along an existing path.

If a 2D object and 3D path are selected, the 2D object is projected onto the path.

To duplicate objects along a path:

Select the object or objects to duplicate, and select the path object.


Select the command.

The Duplicate Along Path dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Select a path object

Click Prev or Next to select the object that represents the path; the selected path object is highlighted

Duplicate Placement

Specifies the duplicate object placement parameters

Number of Duplicates

Creates the specified Number of duplicate objects, equally spaced along the path

Fixed Distance

Duplicates objects at the fixed intervals specified in Distance

Start Offset

Specifies the distance from the start of the path to the first duplicated object; enter zero to place the first object at the start of the path

Curve Length

Displays the length of the path object, for reference

Center object on path

Centers original and duplicates along the path; deselect the option to maintain the position of the duplicates relative to the path


Tangent to path

Rotates the duplicates so they are always tangent to the path


Keep original orientation

Maintains the original object’s position and rotates the duplicates tangent to the path, relative to the original object’s tangency angle



Click to preview the effect of parameter changes before clicking OK


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