Setting quick preferences

The most commonly used Vectorworks, document, and interactive preferences are available for access from buttons on the Tool bar. Other commonly used settings, such as those for the clip cube, are similarly available. The Quick Preferences menu controls which buttons display on the Tool bar. The Data Bar and Edit Group Options list and the Zoom Line Thickness, Default 3D Render Mode, and Default 3D Projection preferences are enabled by default on the Quick Preferences menu.

Select the desired item to display its shortcut button on the Tool bar, if it is not already present. A check mark to the left of an item indicates that it is selected. Buttons display in the order the item was selected, with the first selected item the farthest left on the Tool bar. If the application window is resized, the Tool bar will truncate the display of buttons when necessary and replace them with ellipses on the right.



Menu command


Auto Display Detail Levels for Design Layers

Sets the display of detail levels specified for the design layer scale (see Document preferences: Display tab)

Auto Join Walls

Enables the Wall tool to automatically join walls at corners and intersections (see Vectorworks preferences: Edit pane)


Enables the autosave feature (see Vectorworks preferences: Autosave pane)

Black and White Only

Draws objects using only the colors black and white (see Document preferences: Display tab)

Dark Background

Uses a dark drawing background instead of the default light settings, and inverts the black and white elements of the drawing area (see Vectorworks preferences: Display pane)


Data Bar and Edit Group Options

Displays the Data Bar and Edit Group Options list (see Data bar and edit group options)

Display Light Objects

Sets the display of light objects (see Vectorworks preferences: Display pane). The icon indicates the currently selected option.

Display Broken Link Indicators for Smart Markers

Displays a red broken link indicator on the screen for section-elevation lines, detail callouts, interior elevation markers, and reference markers that are not linked to a viewport (see Vectorworks preferences: Display pane)

Default 3D Render Mode

Sets the preferred 3D render mode, which is applied whenever a drawing is switched from Top/Plan to a 3D view (see Vectorworks preferences: 3D pane)

Default 3D Projection

Sets the preferred 3D projection, which is applied whenever a drawing is switched from Top/Plan to a 3D view (see Vectorworks preferences: 3D pane)

Display Viewport Out-of-date Borders

Displays a red and white striped border around viewports and site models that do not reflect the most recent changes to a drawing (see Document preferences: Display tab)

Drop Shadows

Displays drop shadow attributes that have been added to drawing objects. When deselected, all drop shadows are temporarily hidden (see Document preferences: Display tab).

Duplicate Tags with Objects

When you use the Duplicate command on a tagged object, a new tag will be associated with the duplicate object; deselect the option to duplicate objects with no tags (see Vectorworks preferences: Edit pane)

Project Sharing Options

Sets the highlighting style for objects that are checked out from a shared project (see Checking out and releasing objects)

Show Acquisition Hints

Shows graphical hints near the cursor when smart points, edges, and vector locks can be acquired (see Vectorworks preferences: Interactive pane)

Show Clip Cube

Temporarily clips away portions of a 3D model to see and work inside of the model (see Viewing a model with the clip cube)

Show Grid

Shows/hides the snap and reference grids (see Snapping to the grid)

Show Other Objects While in Edit Modes

Makes other objects from the drawing visible and snappable during editing; deselect the option to show only the object being edited. (see Vectorworks preferences: Display pane)

Show Page Boundary

Shows/hides the page boundary (see Page setup)

Show Rulers

Shows/hides rulers (see Vectorworks preferences: Display pane)

Smart Options Display

Displays the Smart Options Display preference button to enable Smart Options Display (see Vectorworks preferences: Smart Options Display pane)

Use Layer Colors

When specific pen and fill colors have been set for a design layer, draws all objects on that layer with the specified colors (see Document preferences: Display tab)

Zoom Line Thickness

Sets the lines in the drawing to display according to their given thickness when you zoom in (2D view or Hidden Line/Polygon render modes only); (see Vectorworks preferences: Display pane)

Document Preferences

Opens the Document Preferences dialog box (see Setting document preferences)

Vectorworks Preferences

Opens the Vectorworks Preferences dialog box (see Setting Vectorworks preferences)

Setting Vectorworks preferences

Setting document preferences




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