Moving the face of a solid



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Move Face



3D Modeling


The Move Face mode extends the face of a solid, extruding the surrounding or adjacent geometry as the face moves.

To move the face of a solid in Move Face mode:

Click the tool and mode.

Click the desired planar face.

If needed, the Select Face dialog box opens to help select the correct face, as described in Selecting faces. To select the back faces of solids, press the Alt key (Windows) or Option key (Mac) while selecting.

The cursor changes to a double-headed arrow. Move the cursor to extend the face and its geometry. The distance can also be specified by entering a value in the Distance field on the Tool bar or floating Data bar. The new solid is previewed on the drawing.

Click at the desired location to edit the solid.


Direct modeling with the Push/Pull tool

Face-based addition or subtraction

Curve-based addition or subtraction 


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