Architect or LandmarkSculpting the site model terrain

There are several methods for changing the site model’s terrain. The topographic contours of a site model can be modified by Editing site model contours, and the site model surface can be modified with the addition of site modifiers as described in Concept: Site model modification. However, for directly manipulating the site model in 3D by sculpting, use the sculpting tools.

The sculpting tools can push and pull the existing or proposed site model surface up and down, while specifying the range of affected site model vertices for either large-scale or a fine degree of manipulation. You can also create swales or berms, and add vertices. The tools are available from the Surface Sculpting palette, which is only visible when in an editing mode for the existing or proposed surface.

Do not edit the portion of a surface that is within the bounds of a site modifier. The changes would be undone when exiting the editing mode, because the site modifier’s effects on the site model take precedence over the surface edits.

If edits are planned for both the existing and proposed site models, edit the existing site model surface first. If you edit the proposed site model first in the affected area, the edits could be inadvertently changed or undone by the edits to the existing site model.

Surface sculpting mode

Sculpting the site model surface

Adding a site model surface vertex

Creating a swale or berm on the site model surface


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