Architect or LandmarkConcept: Hardscape fills and joint patterns

A single hardscape object can have multiple components, each with its own fill or joint pattern.

The hardscape can be filled with a solid color, pattern, hatch, tile, gradient, or image from the Attributes palette. See Fill attributes for details.

For the main and border hardscape areas, different joint patterns are available.

Main joint patterns include flagstones and pavers, as well as hatches, stipples, and tiles that are applied independent of the Attributes palette.

Border joint patterns include spaced joints and the same hatch, stipple, and tile options available for main joint patterns.

If a main joint pattern is specified, it is drawn over the hardscape object fill. Both the object fill and the main joint pattern apply to the entire hardscape, unless it has a border.

Specifying hardscape joint patterns

Editing hardscape fills and joint patterns


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