-Creating textures

To make the 3D objects in a model look more realistic, apply textures to them. Several textures are provided in the Vectorworks Libraries (see Concept: Resource libraries). You can also import textures from other sources, and create your own custom textures. Texture resources are saved with the file and display in the Resource Manager and Resource Selector.

Combine one or more of the following shader types to create a texture definition.




Defines the surface color; this can be a plain, uniform color, or a complex pattern like wood, grass, or marble


Defines the amount of light reflected by the surface; it is dependent on surface texture properties and light sources


Defines the surface transparency or opacity


Defines surface irregularities which give the texture a bumpy appearance

Textures can be associated with surface hatches to give the appearance of a texture in a monochromatic, hidden line rendering. See Hidden line rendering with surface hatches.

Textures must be rendered in Shaded render mode or in a Renderworks mode.

Creating a new texture

Editing textures and shaders

Using an image in a texture shader

Creating a texture from a hatch


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