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To create a wall style:

Click the tool.

Click Preferences to open the Wall Preferences dialog box.

To modify an existing wall style, select the Wall Style from a library or the current file. Alternatively, select Unstyled as the wall style and set the parameters.

Specify the wall and component parameters as described in Standard wall preferences or Curtain wall preferences.

Click Save Preferences as Wall Style.

The Assign Name dialog box opens.

Enter a unique name for the wall style.

Curtain wall styles in the Vectorworks libraries begin with the prefix CW for easy identification; you may want to use the same naming convention for consistency.

If the wall style name already exists, you are prompted to cancel and select a different name, or replace the existing wall style with the edited wall style, for all walls that use that style. If you are replacing wall styles, the Wall Replacement dialog box opens; specify the wall alignment properties.

The new wall style is saved with the file and displays in the Resource Manager and Resource Selector, as well as the Wall Style list on the Tool bar.

Alternatively, do one of the following to create a wall style:

Right-click on an unstyled wall, and select New Wall Style from Unstyled Wall from the context menu.

From the Resource Manager, click New Resource, select Wall Style, and then click Create.

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