Design SuiteReplacing wall styles from the Object Info palette

Wall styles applied to existing walls or curtain walls can be replaced with a different wall style.

A wall replacement situation may also occur if pasting a styled wall from another file. You can select a replacement wall style and specify how to align the styles for the pasted walls.

To replace a wall style:

Select one or more walls.

From the Object Info palette, select Replace from the Style list.

The Wall Replacement dialog box opens. Specify the new wall style and the alignment options.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



Wall style selector

Click the wall style selector. From the Resource Selector, double-click a different wall style to apply it.


The left preview shows the current wall style, and the right preview shows the replacement wall style selected in the wall style list. Preview walls are drawn from left to right, so the “top” of the preview, by default, indicates the left side (exterior) of the wall as it will be drawn. A red line shows the replacement alignment.

Align lists

On the left, the current wall structure is listed; the right list displays the replacement wall structure. Select one wall component from each list and specify its alignment options. The previews update with red lines to show how the replacement wall will align with the current wall.

Alignment options

Select an option for aligning the current structure to the replacement structure

Replacement options

Select whether to replace the current settings for wall heights, class designations, texture assignments, Energos data (Architect required), wall data, and component joins with those of the new wall. Texture replacement does not apply to curtain walls.

If Replace heights is selected, Only replace default heights can also be selected to maintain custom top and bottom height settings for walls and components; when selected, only heights that match the previous wall style are replaced.

Select Rejoin wall components when replacing walls/components with completely different types, to remap component joins; this also removes all custom component joins that were mapped between the previous wall styles.

Curtain Wall Frames and Panels

(curtain walls only)

Specify how to handle frames and panels when replacing a curtain wall style

Update frames and panels

Updates the existing frames and panels to use the frame and panel settings defined in the new curtain wall style (custom frame spacing and panel size is not changed)

Delete and recreate frames and panels

Clears all existing frames and panels and recreates the curtain wall using the grid definition of the replacement curtain wall style

If walls with different wall styles were selected for replacement, the current wall preview is blank and components are not listed. Wall alignment can only occur for the left, center, or right of the selected walls.

Deleting and/or replacing wall styles from the Resource Manager

Creating wall styles

Applying wall styles


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