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Edit the parameters of selected walls, and the components of standard walls, from the Object Info palette. Certain parameters are available for standard walls or for curtain walls only. Settings on the Render tab are not available for curtain walls, since the textures of frames and panels are specified separately. Use the Edit Wall tool to adjust the frames and panels of curtain walls. To change the wall attributes, use the Attributes palette.

The fields in the Object Info palette are named similarly (but not always identically) to those in the Wall Preferences dialog box, and roughly reflect the order in which settings are entered in the dialog box, for ease of editing.

The wall parameters are described in Standard wall preferences and Curtain wall preferences. Only the parameters that are different are described here.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Displays the current wall style. You can convert the wall to unstyled or see Replacing wall styles from the Object Info palette or Editing wall styles.

Vis Thick

Displays the visible wall thickness, while accounting for component visibility settings. Invisible components on the interior and exterior of the wall cause the wall to appear thinner than its actual thickness, for display purposes.


(standard wall only)

Opens the Wall Components dialog box. For unstyled walls, edits the wall components; for styled walls, edits only the Component Top and Component Bottom settings to customize heights of individual wall components (see Creating wall components)

Curtain Wall Grid

(curtain wall only)

Opens the Curtain Wall Grid dialog box, for editing the curtain wall frame and panel settings as described in Curtain wall preferences

Wall Data

Opens the Wall Data dialog box to specify wall information (see the Data tab in Standard wall preferences or Curtain wall preferences)

Reverse Sides

Reverses the direction of the wall sections (see Wall direction); walls should be drawn in a clockwise direction

Reshaping walls

Removing wall breaks

Joining walls

Wall Insertion mode

Editing curtain wall frames and panels

Creating walls


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