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To edit window parameters, click Settings from the Object Info palette, double-click the window to open the Window Settings dialog box, or right-click on a window and select Edit from the context menu.

When multiple window objects are selected for editing, and if the parameter settings of the selected objects are different, parameters display in an “indeterminate state.” Any values changed through the dialog box are changed for all the selected objects.

Window objects can also be edited from the Object Info palette. If the window has been inserted as a plug-in object, most settings from the Window Settings dialog box display. If the window is a black symbol made from a window object, fields pertaining to window geometry do not display. See Concept: Vectorworks symbols.

For windows using object styles, the parameters that are set by style display for informational purposes but cannot be edited from the Window Settings dialog box or the Object Info palette.

Most, but not all, parameters can be edited from both the Window Settings dialog box and the Object Info palette. The fields in the Object Info palette are named similarly (but not always identically) to those in the Window Settings dialog box, and roughly reflect the order in which settings are entered in the dialog box, for ease of editing. Curtain wall windows have limited parameter options.

The window parameters are described in Window settings. Only the parameters that are different are described here.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




For windows in a wall, specify where to insert the object relative to the wall, its core component, or its designated insert location


Enter the offset of the insert perpendicular to the wall's path


Click to flip the orientation of windows inserted in a wall

Set Position

Click to activate the Move by Points tool in Reference Point mode and move the window by a specified distance from a reference point

Wall Closure

For windows in a wall, opens the Wall Closure dialog box; see Wall closure settings.

See Additional plug-in object style and instance options for information on wall insertion options in the Plug-in Object Style Options dialog box or Plug-in Object Options dialog boxes.


Replace, remove, or edit the current style, or create a new plug-in object style for this object; see Changing plug-in object styles from the Object Info palette.

Editing a style changes all instances in the file that use the style.

Select From Catalog

For a plug-in object style with the catalog item set by instance, see Selecting catalog items for plug-in object styles

Hide style parameters

Hides the parameters that are set by style and by catalog; these cannot be edited from the dialog box or Object Info palette

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Reshaping windows

Creating symbol definitions

Moving objects

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