Importing worksheets

Data from a wide variety of formats can be imported into a file, including worksheet data from other programs and worksheets from other Vectorworks files.

Importing worksheet data from another program



Import Worksheet

File (worksheet menu)

File > Import

During import, the spreadsheet data is imported, and as much as possible, formatting and formulas are preserved. An alert displays when exact translation isn’t possible.

To import worksheet data into a Vectorworks file:

Do one of the following:

Select the command from the File > Import menu.

Open the worksheet to import into, and select the command from the worksheet’s File menu.

Select the worksheet file to be imported and click Open. The worksheet must be in one of the following formats:

Tab delimited text (.txt)

Comma delimited text (.csv)

DIF (.dif)

SYLK (.slk)

Excel (.xls, .xlsx)

If you’re importing an Excel worksheet with multiple sheets, the Select Excel Sheet dialog box opens to select a sheet.

If a Vectorworks worksheet is open, the worksheet is imported into it. Otherwise, the worksheet is imported as a new worksheet resource, named after the imported file.

Importing worksheets from another Vectorworks file

To import a Vectorworks worksheet from another Vectorworks file:

From the Resource Manager, right-click on the resource, and select Import.

Alternatively, drag the worksheet resource into the desired Vectorworks file to insert it as a drawing object; see Placing a worksheet on the drawing.

The selected worksheet is imported into the current file.

Importing a table from Microsoft Word

The following procedure is an example of how to import a table from Microsoft Word into a Vectorworks worksheet.

To import a Word table into a worksheet:

In Word, select the entire table to be imported.

Select the Table Tools > Layout > Convert to Text.

The Convert Table to Text dialog box opens.

In the dialog box, click Tabs for the separation identifier.

Click OK.

Save the table.

If the file consists of only the table, select File > Save As. In the Save As dialog box that opens, select Text Only from the Save as type list.

If the table is part of a larger file, copy the table to the Clipboard. Select File > New, and paste the table text into a new document. Save the file as a text file.

Return to the Vectorworks file and import the table as described above in "Importing worksheet data from another program."


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