Placing a worksheet on the drawing



Worksheet On Drawing

File (worksheet menu)

To include a worksheet as an object on the drawing:

The worksheet must be a part of the current file. If the worksheet is part of another file, first import it into the current file. See Importing worksheets from another Vectorworks file.

Select the command. Alternatively, do one of the following from the Resource Manager:

Right-click on the resource, and select Worksheet On Drawing.

Double-click on the resource.

Drag the resource to the desired location in the drawing file.

The worksheet is now included in the drawing as a graphic object. If the worksheet is currently open, the contents of the worksheet in the drawing are replaced with an X.

With the worksheet window open, use the Format Cells command to format individual rows, columns, and cells of the worksheet. The format is retained when the worksheet is included on the drawing. Alternatively, with the worksheet window closed, select the worksheet object on the drawing, and use the Attributes palette to modify the fill, pen, and line thickness attributes for the entire object.

Editing a worksheet object

To edit a worksheet included as a drawing object do one of the following:

To edit the underlying worksheet, from the Resource Manager, right-click on the resource, and select Open. Alternatively, double-click the worksheet object in the drawing.

The worksheet opens for editing. The contents of the worksheet in the drawing are replaced with an X. Close the worksheet to display the worksheet contents in the drawing.

To display the database header rows in the drawing object, click Show Database Headers from the Object Info palette. This does not affect the visibility of the database headers in the worksheet window.

To recalculate the worksheet object, click Recalculate from the Object Info palette, or right-click on the object and select Recalculate All Worksheets or Recalculate Selected Worksheet from the context menu.

Scaling worksheets

There are multiple ways to scale a worksheet within the drawing area; all scaling operations scale the worksheet symmetrically and preserve the aspect ratio.

From the Object Info palette for a selected worksheet, enter a Scale Factor; for example, enter 2 to double or 0.5 to halve the scale.

Alternatively, select Modify > Scale Objects and perform one of the symmetric operations (see Scaling objects).

A selected worksheet can also be scaled less precisely by dragging a reshape handle with the Selection tool.

When a selected worksheet has been scaled, that is reflected in the object’s name at the top of the Object Info palette: “Worksheet Data - Scaled.” Scaled worksheets will revert to their unscaled size if the file is saved to a Vectorworks version prior to 2017.

In addition to scaling worksheets in the drawing area, you can scale them to fit to printed pages, as described in Worksheet menu.


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