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Several drawing elements in the Vectorworks Design Suite products (doors, plants, and lighting devices, for example) have predefined data that is automatically attached to them as they are created. Preformatted reports are available for this data. The reports can be created any time; as objects are added to the drawing, recalculate the worksheet to update the results.

Choosing a preformatted report

To choose a preformatted report:

Select the command.

The Create Report dialog box opens.

The Enable Vectorworks Libraries option must be selected in the Vectorworks preferences to see the preformatted reports. See Vectorworks preferences: Session pane.

Select the Preformatted Report option.

Select one of the reports to create; also select Place report on drawing to add the worksheet to the drawing area.

Click OK to create the selected report.

If the selected report already exists in the file, a warning dialog box opens. Select whether to replace or rename the new report.

If you opted to place the report on the drawing, click in the drawing to place it. Otherwise, the worksheet opens automatically.

If you customize the report, you can save it and use it again. From the Resource Manager, import the worksheet resource (renamed with a custom name) into a file. Then place the file in your [User]\Libraries\Defaults\Reports_Schedules folder. This makes your customized worksheet available for selection in the Create Report dialog box. See Creating custom resource libraries.

Importing a preformatted report

You can also import the worksheets into your file directly from the Vectorworks resource libraries.

To import a preformatted report:

From the Resource Manager’s file browser pane, open Vectorworks Libraries/Defaults/Reports_Schedules, and select a file.

From the resource viewer pane, right-click a worksheet and select Import from the context menu. Alternatively, drag the resource to the active file in the file browser pane. See Importing resources.

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