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Manage Data Visualizations

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The Manage Data Visualizations dialog box serves as the central point for handling data visualizations in the file, as well as importing and exporting them.

The Data Visualization menu is only available from the View bar when a design layer is the active layer.

To manage data visualizations:

Select the command.

The Manage Data Visualizations dialog box opens.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.



List of data visualizations

Displays a list of available data visualizations, similar to the list available from the Data Visualization menu on the View bar. Click the plus sign or disclosure arrow to expand a list.


Select an item in the Current Document area of the dialog box, and then click New; see Creating a new data visualization


Click on a data visualization, and then click Edit; see Editing the current data visualization.

While it is possible to edit a visualization that is not in the current file, without an actual project, there may not be a list of available record formats for display criteria. The best workflow for content editing purposes is to import a visualization into the current document, perform any changes, and then export it again.


Opens the Rename Data Visualization dialog box, to rename the currently selected visualization


Duplicates the currently selected visualization, and opens the Edit Data Visualization dialog box for editing. The name of the duplicate is, by default, the same as the original, with a number added; if the original name ends in a number, the next available sequential number is used. The name can be edited.


Deletes the currently selected visualization


Select Other Vectorworks Document, and then click Import to import visualizations from another file. The Open Vectorworks Drawing dialog box opens, to specify a location and file. All visualizations from the file are imported into the current file. You can also import selected visualizations from the user and workgroup folder.


Click on a visualization from the Current Document list, and then click Export to open the Export Data Visualization dialog box. Select whether to export to the user folder or to a workgroup folder. The visualization is added to the specified folder and displays in that list.

Applying a data visualization

Creating a new data visualization

Editing the current data visualization

Viewing the drawing by data or by attributes

User data and preferences folder


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