Adding a Title Block

A title block containing drawing information can be added to the sheet border. Title blocks are saved as symbols with text linked to a record.

A title block can be the only part of the sheet border that displays, by selecting Use As Title Block Only in the sheet border preferences or the Object Info palette.

Additional title block capabilities are described in Adding a Sheet Border.

To add a title block to the sheet border:

  1. Select the sheet border.

  2. In the Object Info palette, click Title Block.

  3. Alternatively, right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on the sheet border and select Title Block from the context menu.

    The Import Title Block dialog box opens.

  4. Select a title block symbol from the selected symbol folder. The Defaults folder contains the default title block resources; see Resource Libraries. The title blocks listed under Top Level are title block symbols that exist in the current file.

  5. To remove an existing title block, select None.

  6. Click OK to add the selected title block symbol to the sheet border. The title block is scaled to match the current layer scale if necessary.

When a sheet border with a title block is inserted into a drawing, the Sheet Border Components symbol folder is automatically created and displays in the Resource Browser. Title block symbols added to the sheet border are automatically placed in that folder.


Creating a Custom Title Block

Creating a Custom Title Block

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