Adding a Sheet Border

All Vectorworks products include pre-formatted sheet borders for project viewports or views; they can be added to a file in various ways.

The Sheet Border tool places a pre-formatted border along the edges of the drawing area, set to the drawing size. Standard size pages have a matching standard sheet border. A custom size border can easily be specified, and sheet borders and title blocks can be customized to meet office requirements.

The sheet border in the Vectorworks Design Series products has expanded capabilities. Additional libraries and parameters are available only in the Vectorworks Design Series products. Various types of sheet borders can be created, including ConDoc, GSA, AEC, ASME, and ISO formats and their associated title blocks, revision blocks, tolerance blocks, projection blocks, and issue and revision data.

To work with the Issue Manager, special considerations apply when the title block fields are formatted. See Creating a Custom Title Block.

The Update Plug-in Objects command may need to be run on files that contain sheet borders (formerly known as “drawing borders”) that were created in an earlier version of the Vectorworks program. This command converts the drawing borders to the latest format; see Migrating from Previous Versions. Additional sheet border capabilities are available in the Vectorworks Design Series products. See Adding a Sheet Border.


To place a sheet border:

  1. Make the design or sheet layer active.

  2. Click the Sheet Border tool from the Dims/Notes tool set.

  3. Alternatively, the Vectorworks Architect and Landmark products allow sheet borders to be set up using drawing standards. See Document Setup and Standard Viewports.

  4. Click Preferences from the Tool bar to set the default sheet border parameters.

  5. The Sheet Border Preferences dialog box opens.

  6. Click once in the drawing to set the sheet border insertion point, and then click again to set the sheet border orientation.

  7. The sheet border is placed on the drawing. Sheet borders should be placed as 2D screen objects (See Planar Modes of 2D Objects: Screen Plane and Layer Plane).

  8. Set the text attributes using the Text > Format Text command. You can also drag and drop a text style from the Resource Browser onto the sheet border object.

  9. Set the line attributes using the Attributes palette.

  10. The sheet border can be re-sized and re-scaled after placement, and title blocks and revision histories can be added.


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Using Text Styles

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