Direct Modeling with the Push/Pull Tool


The Push/Pull tool is in the 3D Modeling tool set.

The Push/Pull tool interactively reshapes planar geometry, creating bosses (protrusions) or cutouts on solids by adding or subtracting volume from a solid. The volume is created or subtracted by extruding a face in Extrude Face mode, including all the geometry present on a face in Move Face mode, or extruding a planar NURBS curve (or group of closed, non-intersecting NURBS curves) in Sub-Face mode.

Three modes are available.



Extrude Face

Selects the planar face of a solid, a 2D planar object, or NURBS curve, to add to or subtract volume, creating perpendicular faces

Move Face

Extends the planar face of a solid, adding or subtracting the face along with any geometry present on the face


Selects a curve or group of curves to add to or subtract volume from a solid

To preserve the primitive profile geometry of an extrude, right-click (Windows) or Ctrl-click (Mac) on the extrude and select Edit from the context menu. See Object Editing Mode.


Face-based Addition or Subtraction

Moving the Face of a Solid

Curve-based Addition or Subtraction

Concept: NURBS Curves and Surfaces

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