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Slab Drainage


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Use the Slab Drainage tool to design drainage systems for slabs that are regularly exposed to water, such as industrial floors, concrete pavements, and flat roofs. Creating drains and valleys affects slab geometry; the process creates slopes and ridges, and potentially changes the curb height. Most of these calculations are computed automatically, but user settings and the placement of drainage elements sometimes result in errors when the geometry created is impossible. 





Edits selected drains, drain valleys, slope valleys, and slope markers; for multiple selection, all selected objects must be of the same type

Create Drain

Places a new drain with related slope valleys

Connect Drains

Connects two existing drains with a drain valley and automatically deletes inappropriately oriented slope valleys

Create Valley

Adds a slope valley to an existing drain


Opens the Slab Drainage Settings dialog box; set defaults for drainage elements to be added to the selected slab

SlabDrain_Overall.png Drainage3D.png 

Adding drains to a slab

Connecting drains on a slab

Creating valleys on a slab

Slab drainage settings

Editing slab drainage elements

Correcting slab drainage errors


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