3D reshape modes


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The Reshape tool changes the height and radius of an extruded object, tapered extrude, or a 3D object that is not a mesh object and reshapes 3D polygons, and solid primitives (such as cylinders, hemispheres, cones, and spheres). In addition, you can use it to reshape retaining walls, change the angle (rise/run) of roofs created with the Roof Face command, and reshape roof objects created with the Create Roof command (see Reshaping roof objects).

The Reshape tool generally has three modes when 3D functionality is enabled. Depending on the selected object, additional modes are available, as described in the associated sections.

For some objects, such as 3D solids, the reshaping functionality is accessed directly from the drawing, and the marquee modes display in the Tool bar.



Move Vertex

Changes the location of a selected vertex or several vertices

Add Vertex

Adds a vertex to the object

Delete Vertex

Deletes a vertex from the object

Reshaping extruded objects and solid primitives

Reshaping 3D polygons

Reshaping NURBS curves

Reshaping NURBS surfaces

Reshaping roof objects


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