Concept: Templates

Use templates to set up new files quickly and consistently. A template can provide the standard structure and formatting needed for all projects in your practice, such as class/layer structure, saved views, defined paper sizes, and colors. You might also include some basic resources that you use in all projects, such as line types, hatches, title blocks, worksheets, and scripts.

Vectorworks ships with templates for each product installed, which have basic structure and formatting such as layers and classes. Edit these, or create your own templates.

Vectorworks uses a “blank” template when you select File > New, and select Create blank document. You may adjust the layer scale and units in this template, but it’s recommended to leave it empty, as it’s the only way to open a blank file.

Creating templates



Save as Template


To create a template:

Start with a new, blank file.

Alternatively, you can begin with an existing template or other file that already has some of the desired settings, and edit it. Delete all elements that should not be in the template.

Set up the file with all of the desired elements.

Select the command.

Enter the name of the template (.sta) file and place it in an appropriate Templates folder. (See Vectorworks preferences: User Folders pane for details about how to specify user and workgroup folders.) The .sta extension is required for Windows. It is recommended for use on the Mac if the file will be shared with Windows users.

To save the template for personal use, place it in the Templates subfolder in your user folder: [User]\Libraries\Defaults\Templates.

If Vectorworks Design Suite products are installed, you can share the template with other users in a workgroup. To do so, place it in the Templates subfolder of a workgroup folder in a shared location: [Workgroup]\Libraries\Defaults\Templates. To make the template available only for users with a specific Design Suite product license, place the template in that product’s folder. Any user who specifies the workgroup folder in the Vectorworks preferences will have access to the template.

To customize the template used to create a blank document, name the file Blank (Metric).sta or Blank (Imperial).sta, depending on the measurement units set for your operating system.

Click Save.

To use the template, select File > New to open the Create Document dialog box. Select Use document template, and then select the new template from the list.

Opening a template automatically

To open a template automatically whenever you launch Vectorworks:

In the Vectorworks preferences, click the Session pane, and select Create a new document on startup.

Set up a template file with your desired settings, and name it Default.sta. Place the file in your user or workgroup Templates folder, as described in Creating templates.

Creating a new file

Sharing custom content using workgroup folders


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