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The Universes pane determines the address values for each universe, and manages the universes in each system.

As lighting devices are added to the light plot with automatic numbering (see Numbering light plot objects), the lighting device's Absolute Address, Universe/Address, Universe, and DMX Address parameters can be set; they can be edited from the Object Info palette. Patching adjustments may update these values; see DMX patching.

To set universe address values:

Select the command.

The Spotlight Preferences dialog box opens. Click the Universes pane.

Click to show/hide the parameters.Click to show/hide the parameters.




Specifies the universe system; up to 26 systems, A through Z, are available. Each system contains 255 universes by default.

Universe #, Label, Start #, End #

Displays the universe numbers, and the Start and End address values for each universe; each universe has a fixed size of 512 addresses. The universe name (label) can be edited.


The Add Universes dialog box opens; enter the number of universes to add to the system. If there are gaps in the universe numbers, the new universes fill those gaps. If there are no gaps, the new universes are added at the end.


Deletes the selected universe and leaves a gap in the Start and End range

Save as default

Saves the current settings for all panes in the dialog box as the default settings for this and future documents

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