NURBS surfaces

Vectorworks includes many tools and commands to create and edit NURBS surfaces, including the Loft Surface, ExtractProjectDeform, and Shell Solid tools, among others. The Model > 3D Power Pack menu contains a suite of NURBS-related commands. Some of these tools and commands are specific to NURBS surfaces, while others also operate on NURBS curves and other object types such as solids. 

Creating a loft surface

Interpolated NURBS surfaces

Converting to an interpolated surface

Concept: NURBS curves and surfaces

Stitching and trimming surfaces

Creating a fillet surface

Creating planar caps

Creating surfaces from curves

Creating a drape surface

Creating helix-spirals

Creating a NURBS surface by revolving a profile along a rail

Extending NURBS curves and surfaces

Rebuilding NURBS curves and surfaces

Unfolding surfaces

NURBS surface properties


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