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Normally, contour labels are distributed along the major contour lines at regular intervals. Occasionally, this is not desirable and a label needs to be moved. When a site model is selected, two additional modes are available for the Reshape tool. These modes allow the contour labels to be repositioned, added, and removed.

Show labels must be selected in the Site Model Settings dialog box.

To change the font size of the contour labels, set the size from the Text > Size menu.

To edit contour labels:

Select the site model.

Click the tool and mode.

Each label on the contours of the site model displays with a control point.


Click a tool mode to move, add, or delete label handles.


Only one contour label can be edited at a time. The Reshape tool marquee modes have no effect on contour label operations. See Reshaping objects for more information.

If the site model changes later, the relative label positions are preserved, reducing the need to reposition them again.

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